Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review: Melitta "Ready Set Joe Cone" Single cup Manual Coffee Brewer

amazon pic of Melitta Ready Set Joe black brew cone
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I got one of these cuties at Walmart for a few bucks the other day, and I love it! I affectionately call mine "little Joe" (awwwwww). I must admit that I have a lot of coffee equipment: a basic automatic drip coffee maker, espresso machine, stove-top espresso maker, frother thingies, a couple of bean grinders. I love me some coffee and coffee gadgets!

"Pumibel, why the hell would you want with this thing when you have all those other really cool coffee things?", you ask. Well, I'll tell you. Do you have only one pair of black shoes? (don't answer that if you are a guy). If that is too glib of an answer, I also have logical reasoning for buying the manual brewer, and here it is:

Most days I make a 10 cup pot of coffee early in the morning, from which I have a mug or two and my mother drinks most of the remaining coffee throughout the day.  I am picky and will not drink reheated coffee or coffee that has been on the burner for hours. My mom, on the other hand, will drink it to the last bit of sedimentary sludge without batting an eye. If I want a cup of coffee later in the day, and there is still some of the morning dregs in the pot, I have to transfer the old stuff into a container and brew fresh because we do not waste the coffee. Mom has to heat up her coffee, too.  Now I can just fix up my one cup and leave her sludge on the burner until it either solidifies or she slices herself a cup.

I also like bourgeois flavored coffees, and mom hates them, so I have to single-cup those too. 

Don't let the word "manual" in the title deter you as this cute little gadget requires very little work to make a quick cup of coffee. All you have to do is put a #2 small cone filter in this cone, set it atop your mug, fill the cone with your favorite ground coffee, and pour boiling water over the grounds. The coffee brews into your mug, and you are ready to go about a minute or so later. It is just like brewing with an automatic drip coffee maker, except you are just making one cup. You don't ever have to resort to the nasty overpriced instant stuff, and the bonus is that it is almost impossible to get wayward grounds in your coffee when you do it manually.

OK, now that my infomercial moment has passed...

Here is a gift idea for a college/military dorm rat or any coffee lover who lives alone: a gift basket with a "little Joe", some filters, a mug or travel mug, and their favorite coffee blend. You could also add an electric kettle if they are in the dorm.

pic of Melitta Ready Set Joe travel cup set red, amazon.comThey have the little travel mug set at the Melitta site too:

You can get your own "little Joe" or travel set in red too- RED!!! What more can I say?

The official Melitta site has all the information. I am not affiliated with the company, just a fan.

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