Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Bzzzzzz

Update, Aug 2015

Just as I had predicted below in my inaugural post back in 2011, I had very spotty attendance with this blog for several years. Lately, I have been posting more regularly with some very informative content(if I may say so myself). The original intent for this blog was to provide a variety of eclectic product reviews, but over time I have discovered that this was either A. a stupid idea, B. far too ambitious a goal (too many possible subjects), or C. simply not sustainable for me. Maybe a blend of all three is more accurate, but I also feel that I need to narrow my focus in order to grow a steady audience and provide readers with content they can use and enjoy.

My most recent posts have centered mainly upon art supplies and technique, and I would like to narrow it down to the most affordable products for students and "starving artists" (like me). I will probably take a detour here and there when I come across something sooooo coooool (in my world, anyway) that I have to blog about it. So this is still "a place for cool stuff", but most of the cool stuff will be related to art and art materials.

I will try to keep this one brief as I can be quite wordy and sometimes...*sigh... pedantic. Some time last year (or possibly the year before- time blurs for eccentrics like me) I became a Bzz Agent. "What is a Bzz Agent?" you ask. Well, basically a Bzz Agent signs up and agrees to try out products for review. Now, this is a word-of-mouth type of advertising that many major companies use for new products. Agents get a package of free goodies or coupons for free stuff and try out the product, write reviews, Tweet, and talk about their experience with the items in question. The products can be anything from personal hygiene to pet food or kitchen gadgets. The most important thing to remember as a Bzz Agent is to be honest and objective. Yes, we get freebies to test out, but we are not paid to advertise. Not everything I have reviewed for a campaign has been great, and I don't sugar coat any of it, either. 

That said, I will be putting a lot reviews in this blog for my Bzz campaigns, which means I may be reviewing hair products one time and floor cleaner or cloud storage sites the next. I also post some of them on my Facebook page or at and other sites, so if you see it verbatim elsewhere, rest assured I wrote it myself and posted it and did not plagiarize it from the other sites.

I am likely going to add a couple of posts right after this one to get this blog rolling. I have a habit of starting blogs, posting once or twice, then abandoning them for years (this one was once a collector doll blog with a single maiden post that no one ever viewed). I am trying to do better as I write for a living and this should not be so hard to keep up. I also have some reviews saved up or rolling about in my brain ready to be unleashed on the unsuspecting public. And with that final warning, I shall sign off for now.

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