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Fekkai Technician Color Care Review (Bzz Agent Review)

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Disclaimer:  I am a Bzz Agent, so I was fortunate to receive free bottles of the Fekkai Technician Color Care shampoo and conditioner for review. They also sent several packets of Glossing Creme to sample and to give to friends or family (I really wanted to hoard these for myself, to be completely honest).

I have wavy to curly, color-treated hair that is thick and somewhat coarse. Both the Fekkai shampoo and conditioner have a wonderful scent that is neither overwhelming nor artificial-smelling.The result of using both products, even after one use, was shiny, soft bouncy hair.

As I used the Fekkai color-care products longer, my hair became more manageable and shinier.I think the color protection is excellent as well. I have colored only my roots for the past 2 months, and the color on my hair length has stayed dark and rich- no brassiness that occurs when dark brown dye fades too much

I have added a few notes about each product, but the bottom line is that I would dump Nexxus products for these, and that is saying a lot since I have used the Therappe shampoo and various Nexxus conditioners for over a decade.

Shampoo: It cleans well, but I noticed it left the ends of my hair little rough and tangled after rinsing. The conditioner took care of that, however. I did not see any color washing out in the suds or rinse water, either. To be honest, if it came down to money, I would buy only the conditioner and use one of my stand-by shampoos instead. I usually have to alternate SLS-free Loreal shampoo and either this or the Therappe to keep my scalp happy as it dries out easily. I do not use cheap-o shampoos with sulfates- period.

Conditioner: I really like the consistency of the Fekkai conditioner. It is not too thin and spreads easily through my hair. I do not need much, and I do not have to leave it in very long for it to de-tangle and smooth my hair almost immediately- like it actually sinks into the strands. I have to leave other conditioners on my hair for an hour, but the Fekkai conditioner does its magic in a few minutes. I sometimes leave it on for about 20 minutes, but I doubt that is necessary. This conditioner is really the belle of the ball when it comes to the entire set of products. I see it as a "must-have" compared to the shampoo.

Fekkai Glossing Creme
:  As I already stated, I had received some free sample packets of the Glossing Creme as part of my Bzz kit for the Fekkai campaign. It is not part of the Technician line, but the creme is an excellent finishing product that would coordinate with any of the lines, especially for dry, frizzy, or flyaway hair. I have been using this creme as directed (pea sized amount on damp or dry hair). I have to say this is great for smoothing frizzies and moisturizing dry ends. My hair glows after using it, too.

You just rub a tiny amount between your hands and then rub it over your hair. I even massage the residue into the skin on my hands afterwards, and it moisturizes them too- no stickiness like with other hair products! The creme has a very outdoorsy smell- fresh and not too strong, in my opinion. I love the way it makes my hair look and feel, and I don't need the silicone frizz serum or other finishing products when I use this. I had to use at least a quarter size dollop of those products to have acceptable results.

It will take a little while to use all of the packets, but I will definitely buy some when I get low on the freebies. When I compare the pile of various finishing products I use to get the same results, the Glossing creme is actually cost-effective. Did I mention  the scent? Ohhh the heavenly smell! It smells expensive, like you just went to the salon.

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