Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Favorite Stuff for 2012: Part 1 Kindle Wi-Fi

Good thing my New Year's resolution wasn't to publish blog posts every week, huh? Anyway, Happy New Years! 

I figured since Christmas brought some fantastic goodies I would review a few of my favorites. This post is all about a gift I gave to others rather than received- the Kindle e-book reader.
image of Amazon Kindle from 2012

I gave my mother and my daughter basic Kindles with some titles I downloaded for each of them, and I knitted cute covers for them—all that neat stuff. I even set up both of the devices so they would be ready to go as soon as the girls opened them. These are the Wi-Fi Kindles with special offers, which are the least expensive models. You save $30 by accepting the special offer ads on the device. Nothing pops up while you are reading or anything like that. These offers are just static ads with special deals, and they will appear while the Kindle is not in use. The screen saver has full screen ads while there are small ones along the bottom of the screen when you are on the home page. You have all of the same features with this device that you would have with the full-priced Kindle.

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