Thursday, September 30, 2021

Let's Get Ready for Inktober 2021!


Aaaand, we’re back! Yeah, it’s been a while, and I am starting my InkTober 2021 series right at the very last minute, putting the “pro” in procrastinator. I assume you know what Inktober is, but if you haven’t seen the prompts for this year, go to Jay Parker’s site and have a look, refresh yourself on the rules. I am including the image of the prompt list below as well.

Image of Inktober 2021 prompts from official site
Inktober 2021 prompts (image credit: Jay Parker)

 I have a large list of products to review this month related to Inktober, so allow me to get this bit of housekeeping out of the way:

Affiliate Disclaimer: For full transparency, you should know that many of my links in my posts are affiliate links. As an Amazon affiliate, I receive a small commission when readers purchase items using my affiliate links. This helps me fund the blog domain costs, and you will not be charged extra if you buy anything using my links.

I bought many of these items last year and then did sweet F-all with them for the blog, so I am going to make up for it this year. I will be using my small hoard of ink, dip pens, nibs, technical pens, brush pens, and papers throughout the month of October and posting my #Inktober ideas with reviews of the items I used to make them. I should have been planning my ideas for the prompts already. I mean, I have decided this year to blog my raw process, and I hope this will be entertaining. Here is my list of various art supplies that I plan to use and review throughout October:

Amazon products:


JetPens Products:


Apologies for this hasty slap-dash post, but my goal is to review affordable art products for raggedy (hopefully not starving) artists. I think these reviews will be best broken up into regular blog posts that capture the spirit of Inktober. How do you plan to tackle this year's prompts?