Friday, December 2, 2011

Meow Mineral Makeup Review

pic of one of my cat paintings
Meow! Derwent Inktense pencils on Canson
XL cold press watercolor paper , by Pumibel
Well, this could prove to be a long post indeed. In fact, I have put off adding this review for a bit because I knew it would be some work, and I am a procrastinator by nature. But anyway, let's get to it...

I am a great fan of mineral makeup, no thanks, really, to Bare Escentuals even though they had the most marketing for MMU when it began to gain popularity several years ago.I still have some jars of their medium kit, which I use as contour or blush. It is too shiny/shimmery for use as a foundation in my opinion, and it was not the right color anyway. That is why I experimented with other brands.

Long story short (I blew it, I know), I found out about Meow Cosmetics (probably through Makeup Alley) earlier this year, and I have become obsessed with all of their amazing colors of mineral products. It took some trial and error to find my foundation shade, which is "Frisky Manx", but they make it easier by providing some color comparisons on their main foundation page and letting you order sample baggies of colors for $1 each.

I find that the foundation sinks into my skin without making it dry or cake-y, and covers blemishes, evens out skin-tone, does everything most women want their foundation to do without an hour of buffing that some other mineral brands require. There is no sheen or sparkley crap and no bismuth or nano particles.

There are three levels of coverage: "Purrrrfect Puss" (light-to- medium), "Pampered Puss" (medium), and the "Flawless Feline" (heavy coverage). I have sampled all three levels in a few different shades, and I can honestly say that they are all great.  I have uneven skin, so I need some heavier coverage on the cheeks, but I use the lighter coverage in the other areas.

Finding the right shade can be tricky because there is a huge variety of colors for different undertones and at different levels. I thought my skin had  just a yellow undertone, but I actually have yellow and peach, according to the Meow shades. You should order sample baggies of different shades and levels to get it right. I actually ordered a few times to get mine right, and technically I never really picked the right one. I got a free sample of Frisky Manx with some other things I ordered, and it turned out to be the perfect match. I had been avoiding the shades with peach because I was sure they were not right.

I could do a whole new post just on the eye shadows, but just go to the site and look at them. I have dozens of little baggies of different eye shadows, and I have to say that Meow has allowed me to really branch out with my color palette. There are oodles of gorgeous colors and some are part limited collections. The Holiday 2011 collections are out right now, and there are some fall shades in the Pandora's Box collection that are absolutely sublime.

I won't get started on the blushes- I will just say that I had one blush in my case that was 5 years old and still no pan showing, but now I have a dozen blushes- at least a dozen.

I really wanted to either make photo swatches of my favorite colors or have some pics of my eye makeup for the Meow review post, but I have not taken any yet. I still think the eye shadow and liner colors deserve their own post with pics, so I will save it for another day.

To sum it all up- Meow minerals are fantastic. Keep in mind it is a small "Indy" type business so shipping may take longer than it does from a mega chain store (especially during specials and holiday periods), but the products are worth the wait.

I am not affiliated, just a fan!

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