Sunday, August 16, 2015

Blog update: New Direction, Same Great Content

Tighter Focus on the "Artsy Goodness"

Today I want to pause and take a few minutes to let readers know where this blog is headed. In recent weeks, I have been adding posts new every few days and revamping the layout and old content. If anyone has even noticed, I have had this blog since 2011. My original intent for it is unclear because I was experimenting with blogging at the time. It was a perfect place for my word-of-mouth marketing reviews (Bzz Agent- get free stuff for honest reviews and promotion, great program, BTW). It made for a very random blog, to say the least, but I have had a lot of fun with it.

The thing is, I work hard creating content for this blog, so I definitely want more readers, and I want to give my readers information that is truly useful. The best way to do this is to focus on a specific audience. I have discovered that, as far as reviews go, my passion seems to be quality, budget-friendly art supplies, so I have decided to aim this blog at artists, students, and hobbyists with tight budgets. Anyone looking for good cheap art supplies would be a perfect target reader.

Serious artists ( and I am one) go by the mantra,"buy the best materials  you can afford". I agree with that wholeheartedly, but I think that some of us make the mistake of shelling out hard-earned money on "designer" brands that may not be any better than the inexpensive items in the local convenience store. Is it cheap because it sucks? Not always! I like to give the "underdogs" a chance by creating informative reviews that tell you exactly why I think an item rocks or why I believe it sucks. I also try to post my own work and owner pics to show that I do use these products.

Ads, Really?

Yeah, I have an Adsense account, so you will see some ads on my sidebar and between posts. I get a commission if you click them, but I do not choose the ads. They are usually related to my content, but that does not mean I have any experience with the products or services.

I am also an Amazon affiliate. It was only natural because I am always reviewing items I buy from Amazon, many of which I review here as well. I have built some links to the products in my reviews, and I have an ad banner here and there.  I only get paid a commission if you buy something via one of my links. No pressure- I am just letting you know.

 I may never make a cent on any of my ads, but I figured it was worth a try, and they do not take away from the quality of my content. Hate ads? Just don't click them, and they will not hurt you.

In conclusion:

I would love to gain subscribers, but subscribers may be my grandma or third grade teacher who wants to show support but has no interest in my topics. I want readers who find the information they need and comment posters who can let me know what else I should include in my reviews. I take requests! Let me know if there is a product you want reviewed, preferably art related and not insanely expensive. 

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