Thursday, July 30, 2015

Been a while, time to catch up with Amazon Prime and More Artsy Goodness

Um, yeah. "Been a while". How about a couple of years ? Shame on me, and that is all I can say about that. To be fair, it is not like I have subscribers who wait anxiously for my new posts. Maybe it is time to change that!

pic of one of my graphite drawings
(Graphite on med weight drawing paper)
Seriously, I only have this here to make
the post more appealing at a glance!
I have many new reviews to post, mostly art supplies and other stuffs that I think are under-appreciated. But before I get to the artsy goodness, may I sing praises for Amazon Prime? They don't pay me or anything- I pay them for this wonderful program. The Amazon site has plenty of information about Prime, so I won't bore you with a rehash of that. Having been a member for two years, I will share my own personal experiences.

I have the 1/2 price Student Prime membership, which is a major blessing, especially if you need to buy or rent text books from Amazon. Not only do you pay a smaller annual fee, but a lot of the items you will need for school will ship for free as long as they are eligible for the Prime benefits. Student Prime is just like the full-price program, so you have access to ALL eligible items, not just school stuff.

Thousands (at least!) of products on the site are Prime eligible. In fact, I rarely need to pay shipping fees when I shop from Amazon, and I purchase items at least once a month. That alone is worth the price of a Prime membership for me. I also use every benefit that Prime offers: free two-day shipping, Prime video and music services, cloud storage, and the Kindle Owner's Lending Library.

The two-day shipping is no lie- most of the time I get the email shipping notices on the same day I shop. Another benefit is that you usually have the option to pay a few dollars for one-day shipping. Prime shipping has tracking, too. I cannot recommend it enough!

I only have another year left for the reduced student membership, but I plan to keep using Prime even when I have t pay the full price. It may not be advantageous for everyone, but it is ideal for anyone who shops regularly at Amazon, uses a Kindle device, and enjoys streaming free music, TV shows, and movies.

What? No artsy goodness? Well, I decided that I had too much to share in one post, so check out my charcoal reviews, my post about gouache, some colored pencil reviews, and more information about charcoal. 

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